Friedrich Krebill, the common Ancestor of the many direct blood-line descendants of this Genealogy, was one of the younger sons of the Samuel Grehbiel family who lived in a mill near Altleiningen in the Palatinate or Pfalz area in southwestern Germany.

Early in the year of 1834 Friedrich and Anna Risser Krebill with their six sons and one daughter arrived at the Hayesville cross-roads area in Richland County of Ohio.

In 1842, Samuel, their second son died at an age of not quite 23 years. In 1849, not more than fifteen years after their arrival from Germany, the father Friedrich passed away at the age of 61 years. During these years he was able to see his sons Johannes, Abraham and Jacob as well as the daughter Agnes marry and see three of his grandsons. Eight years later mother Anna joined her Husband.

Johannes and his brother Abraham had changed the spelling of their family names from Krebill to Grabill. By the middle of the Sumner of 1857 all of Johannes' brothers and his sister had left their Ohio cormsunity and moved Westward. All that was left of the once so large a family was Johannes and Nancy Harper Grabill and their eleven year old son Samuel.

In 1857 Abraham and Margaret Grabill lived on a farm near Bedford in Bureau County in Illinois. After Margaret died in 1888, Abraham moved to Kensington, Kansas to live with his daughter and her family.

Jacob and Eliza Strickland Krebill and their family went to Iowa in the fall of 1856 and settled on a farm in the vicinity that was then known as the Franklin Prairie in Lee County.

Heinrich Krebill was traveling from town to town working at his trade as a shoemaker and leather merchant.

Christian and Agnes Krebill Eymann also went to Iowa in the fall of 1856.

Peter and Magdalena Fuchs Krebill went to Lee County in Iowa in the spring of 1857. Peter Krebill's farm as well as Agnes Eymann's farm were both adjacent to their brother Jacob's place. All their homes stood within walking distance of the Zion Mennonite church and school. This meeting house stood at the cross-roads about three and a half miles due west from the town of Franklin Center.

The book was created in 1966 and contains 250 pages. It contains descendants of:

  • FRIEDERICK KREBILL - Farmer, Born February 3, 1788 at Altleiningen, near Grunstadt/Gemany. Deceased May 3, 1849 near Hayesville, Ohio. U.S.A.; Married Anna Risser December 16, 1816 at Friedelsheim, near Dbkheim. Born November 15, 1794 at Friedelsheim. Deceased January 17, 1857 near Hayesville, Ohio. U.S.A.

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