Schowalter Family Book

The Schowalter Book contains much of the descendancy of Johannes Schowalter (1760-1840) and Barbara Neff (1761-1838). Several of Johannes Schowalter's descendants immigrated from Germany to Lee County, Iowa, then their descendants to parts all over the world. In 1963 this book was published as a reference for family use.

This book contains descendants of:

Jacob Schowalter (1788-1853) m. Elizabeth Kaegy (1782-1845)>
Barbara Schowalter (1799-1869) m. Johannes Stauffer (?-1867)
Johannes Schowalter II (1789-1838) m. Magdalene Hirchstein (1792-1879)

Copies of this book can also be found at several top genealogy libraries. The pages shown here were photocopied form the master copy that exists in the collection at the Newberry Library, Chicago, IL. As of this posting, all of the book, as it was last issued, has been scanned an posted. Updates and corrections are certainly welcomed!

Since these pages are scanned images, converted to PDF format, the file sizes range up to 2MB and can take a long time to load. It is highly recommended that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader (it's free) installed on your computer. Later versions will load only the page that you are viewing, a BIG time saver. There are a total of five files, navigating between them can require some patience. Returning to the first section of the book will always require that you enter the password.

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